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FIVE organic extra virgin olive oil 200ml

FIVE organic extra virgin olive oil 200ml
Τιμή : 17,60
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Gourmet Extrissimo olive oil of ultra premium quality from Greece. 5 Ultra Premium is produced by the method of first cold extraction at low temperatures (T<27oC), under constantly controlled hygienic conditions. It is a single-varietal olive oil (100% Koroneiki variety) with fruity and intricate (rather spicy) flavor and distinct aroma. During the process of packing, it has a maximum acidity of 0.3%. ? RedDot Design Award Winner 2012 ? Edawards 2012 Silver Award ? The Dieline 2012 1st Award “5” stands for quintessence in olive oil. A sharp, new gourmet extrissimo ultra-premium olive oil from Greece. Presented in a stunning matt white painted potion-like bottle that will captivate you and make you want to bring it to the table and present to your most refined guests. Slightly more mellow than the 5 Organic range, it will certainly please even the most demanding gourmet palates. 5 Ultra-Premium is made with 100% Koroneiki olives, widely considered to be the best Greek variety, and has a superb colour and fresh balanced fruity flavour. In Greece, a country with 5000 years history in making olive oil, World Excellent Products have created a company driven by passion for excellence in gastronomy, in order to continue this history. They have created some of the finest ultra premium olive oils in the world, with sensational layout, excellent quality, and extremely low acidity. The bottle design is elegant and contemporary, and at the same time reminiscent of potions from old times, also protecting the oil from light and the elements, keeping it fresh for longer.

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